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Good Intentions

Released January 2020

Good Intentions is an album that is a curated collection of songs that Lyndsey has been writing, singing and playing for over the last decade.

Most of these songs have been reserved for camp fires, kitchen jam sessions or quiet moments of self-reflection having never been heard.

So Lyndsey decided that rather than having them be forgotten, lost or collect dust,  he would acoustically record them song by song with no real intention of creating an album.

He started the project with his good friend, Ryan Shotton, where they worked in Ryan's studio during Saskatchewan's frigid winter months.

But through the warmth of the acoustic guitar, the emotions of these songs touching on life's struggles & journey the two were able to create an album filled with warmth. 

The music of Good Intentions is filled with stories that many can relate to as Lyndsey touches on the highs and lows that this world has to offer.

Available on Itunes, Spotify, Youtube, Amazon and many more digital platforms.

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