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Lyndsey Millikin

 Having been born in the rugged and reputable town of Big River, Saskatchewan, falling asleep to the sound of coyotes, guitars, banjos and laughter was a regular occurrence for Lyndsey.  

 Surrounded by wilderness, solitude and a musical family it didn’t take long before Lyndsey started playing the guitar and writing music of his own.


Once dubbed “the king of poetry” by his 7th grade school teacher it was clear that he had a creative gift for self-expression.   As a wordsmith he has been working on songs and poems for as long as he could write.  Sometimes just putting pen to paper and sometimes adding instrumentation and melody to the lyrics.


 Within his music you’ll hear influences of Folk, Country and Hilbilly Rock. Forged within these songs he has created a unique style of Outlaw Country that is easily relatable for the common man.


 Currently Lyndsey is working on a number of musical ventures.

He is the present day bass player for his father’s band Crooked Creek who’s musical accomplishments spans over four decades. As well as being one of the lead vocalists, guitar and bass player for his own alt country/rock band The Big River Boys.


His newest project comes in the form of a solo album called Good Intentions with the intention of adding intimate venues and house concerts and showcases to the endeavour.  It is a collection of old and new songs having been played mainly in solitude and that had no home within the band yet yearned to be heard.  


“There are two sides to music and one of them is listening.”

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